Thanksgiving Week Schedule

Dudek & Bock will be open on November 22, 23, and 24 (the days before Thanksgiving). Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after Thanksgiving are paid holidays. Normally, you would be required to work 4 hours on the day before the holiday to be paid for the holiday. This rule is being waived for Nov. 24, but you MUST let your supervisor in advance know if you plan to take off.

Wellness Discount

For several years Dudek & Bock has offered a discount on health insurance to employees who participate in a “Wellness” program. The discount is entirely funded by the company. The insurance carrier does not pay for this. This year, to get the Wellness discount, you need to have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19. The discount for an employee is $10 per pay period or $260 per year. If you are married and your spouse is on Dudek & Bock insurance, your husband or wife can also get the discount. That means that if you are married you can save $520 per year.

85% of our employees have already provided copies of their vaccination cards. If you want the discount for your spouse, please provide a copy of his/her card as well.

Scholarship for Skilled Trades

The Lynne Mohr Scholarship for Skilled Trades provide $1,000 to an Illinois resident currently enrolled in an Illinois institution of higher education and studying skilled trades related course(s). Applications are due electronically by Monday, November 22 with the finalist to be announced in early December. Lynne Mohr worked at Brite-O-Matic, the specialty car wash systems manufacturer founded by her father William Gasser, from age 14 through her retirement in 2018. Lynne was deeply committed to the Midwest manufacturing industry and served on the board of the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association. To honor her legacy, her family raised $30,000 to establish an endowment in her name for students studying skilled trades.

Click here to view the application or email if you have any questions.

401(k) Deferral Limits Increased for 2022

The maximum annual elective salary deferral and designated Roth contribution under a 401(k) plan is increased from $19,500 to $20,500.

Catch-up Contributions. 401(k), 403(b), and governmental 457(b) plans permit participants who are age 50 or older by the end of 2022 to make annual catch-up contributions. Catchup contributions are generally not subject to limitations on the maximum annual elective deferral or other plan limits. The maximum catch-up contribution remains unchanged at $6,500.

If you are over age 50, you can contribute a total of $27,000 to your 401(k) in 2022.

Bob Funk Retires

Bob Funk, Industrial Engineer with Dudek & Bock, retired after almost 20 years of service.  Bob joined the Dudek & Bock team in 1998. Over the years Bob was responsible for numerous tasks, including plant layout, machine placement, product packaging, development of standards, and too many reports to count! We wish Bob well in this new phase of his life.

Pictured below are Bob Funk and John Dudek, President of Dudek & Bock.


Eugene Bochnak Retires After 50+ Years

Dudek and Bock bid farewell to Eugene Bochnak, who retired after over 50 years of service to the company. Eugene joined Dudek and Bock in 1966. He worked for the company in several departments, and retired as a Toolmaker in our Brake Spring Department. He was joined by his co-workers, as well as members of the Dudek and Bochnak families for a retirement celebration. His dedication, expertise, and extensive experience will be missed. His colleagues will miss him personally as well, as a nicer co-worker cannot be found. Eugene, we wish you the best!

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