Anniversary Celebrations Start September 13

To kick off our anniversary celebration week, on Monday at 10:00 a.m. we will be holding a raffle with prizes for employees! Union stewards Martin Solis & Marcos Zuniga will be drawing names in Jerzy Siwek’s office, and the winners will be announced as the names are drawn. Every day this week there will be new event.

Also in celebration of the company’s 75th anniversary, we have a new flag. See it flying outside when you come to or go home from work!

Referral Bonuses

Congratulations to employees Edward Kubacki and Onesimo Granados, who have been with the company for six months. (This is actually Onesimo’s second time around at Dudek & Bock since he retired and returned!) The company is currently paying a $400 bonus to an employee who refers a new employee, and that employee is still successfully employed after six months.

Next week two of our employees will be getting $400 checks:

Kasey Kubacki – referred his brother Edward Kubacki

Jesus Granados – referred his brother Onesimo Granados

40 or More Years of Service

As we are celebrating the company’s history, we would like to recognize our employees who have been with us for 40 or more years. They are listed below in seniority order. Today is Marcos Zuniga’s 40th anniversary working for Dudek & Bock. Thanks to all of you!

Stanislaw Niznik 5/12/1975
Mark Sobkowicz 7/21/1975
Ross Andrews 9/29/1975
Wladyslaw Komperda 4/1/1976
Martin Solis 9/10/1976
Beata Dynia 8/9/1977
Tadeusz Witek 10/18/1977
Tom Arunrung 3/16/1978
Aniela Bloniarz 3/30/1978
Benjamin Soto 6/21/1978
Mario Solis 8/9/1978
Margarito Soto 11/7/1978
Manop Arunrung 10/8/1979
Gerardo Solis 10/13/1980
Raul Morales 11/03/1980
Wieslaw Skowronski 2/16/1981
Maria Ysabel Soto 4/16/1981
Richard Bukowski 6/20/1981
Jesus Granados 6/30/1981
Victor Zuniga 8/10/1981
Marcos Zuniga 9/9/1981

75th Anniversary

September 4 marks the 75th anniversary of the Dudek & Bock company.  The increasing number of COVID cases means that we will not have in-person celebrations, but we will be recognizing the anniversary with prizes and events during the week of September 13-17.  More info to come!

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