Dudek & Bock’s broad range of capabilities, extending from very small to large wire diameters and flat-stock thicknesses, is made possible through the extensive array of equipment which spans all three of its manufacturing locations. Estimated at well over 500 machines of various types, this menu of equipment is reported to be one of the most comprehensive in the industry.

Supplementing machinery regarded to set “industry standards” across all product lines, in accordance with customer needs Dudek & Bock also designs and manufactures custom equipment specifically aimed at fulfilling customer expectations related to component design, functionality and cost.

Additionally, through their ability to both tap into this extensive base of equipment – coupled with the capabilities to manufacture custom machinery on an as-needed basis – Dudek & Bock has established a successful history of eliminating post-forming secondary operations typically required on many components – thus reducing component cost for customers.
In house tool-making by our skilled tool and die makers possessing expertise in prototype production affords our customers further value in design for new parts or for part re-design. Dudek & Bock has a dedicated custom “in house” 5,000 sq ft tool room that will assures customers the latest technology in building complex tools that meet the needs of metal manufacturing world.

Recognizing customer’s needs to source components from suppliers that are cost-competitive in a global marketplace, Dudek & Bock’s adherence to and continual monitoring of manufacturing metrics consistent with well established “best in class” industry standards ensures that customers receive high value for their purchasing dollar.

In addition to primary forming operations spanning their spring, wire-form, stamping product categories, Dudek & Bock also performs a variety of secondary processing operations in-house to support customer’s application-specific needs. These in-house secondary operations include welding, riveting, painting, in-line extrusion and tapping, drilling, swedging, grinding, stress relieving, threading, tapping, deburring, shot peening, packaging and degreasing.

Precision “in-house” Threading Capabilities

 Across all three of its manufacturing locations, Dudek & Bock has also cultivated a well-established network of providers specializing in component surface modification and physical properties alteration. Examples of these include phosphorous, zinc, nickel and chrome plating, powder coating, e-coating and passivating – as well as the performance of various heat treatment / hardening processes including austempering and case hardening. Worth noting is Dudek & Bock’s establishment of in-house passivating capabilities at their Saltillo, Mexico facility.

This significant investment was done so in order to develop assurances of reliability in this process crucial to enabling the use of lower cost non-nickel-containing stainless steels in place of its much costlier nickel-based alternative. This extensive array of capabilities make manufacturing one of Dudek & Bock’s core strengths aimed at benefiting customers in their search for a comprehensive, high value provider of their spring, wire-form and stamping needs.

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