Dudek & Bock Engineering

For nearly 70 years, customers have relied on Dudek & Bock’s innovative and skillful engineering.

Our engineers are experts in design for manufacturability and component application-specific functionality. We work closely with customers to produce samples or prototypes for new parts, and we also solve problems related to existing parts.

Dudek & Bock’s engineers use APQP (Advanced Production Quality Planning) on each component they design, to ensure every product fully complies with part-specific dimensional and property requirements.


Stamping = 30 grams (net) vs. Wire-form = 8 grams

Value Engineering/Value Analysis

We understand the importance of cost control. As a result, we use value engineering/value analysis (VA/VE) processes.

It’s not uncommon for our engineers to redesign or simplify a component after viewing a customer’s manufacturing line and applications. We may also suggest raw material substitutions and surface modification alterations to help our customers efficiently attain their quality goals.

Our engineers’ extensive experience and expertise make Dudek & Bock a leader in VA/VE.

Custom engineering

Dudek & Bock’s engineering team regularly supports its customers’ application-specific needs by designing custom equipment.

Automotive Fuel Line Clip shown above

Automotive Fuel Line Clip shown above



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