A Company for Immigrants

Joseph Dudek said that his three main problems in adapting to life in the United States were: communicating in English instead of Polish; learning English measurements rather than metric; and working in metal rather than wood. Current Dudek & Bock employees may be able to relate to one or more of his frustrations.

In the early years of Dudek & Bock, it was understandable that Joseph Dudek would hire fellow Polish immigrants. Even today 30% of Dudek & Bock employees were born in Poland. Over the past 75 years the company has welcomed immigrants from many countries. We currently have employees who were born in 14 countries:

Bosnia (1)
China (2)
Colombia (1)
Ecuador (1)
Indonesia (1)
Italy (1)
Mexico (51)
Poland (47)
Serbia (1)
Thailand (8)
Ukraine (1)
United States (25; includes 2 from Puerto Rico)
Uruguay (1)
Vietnam (17)

Polish and Mexican immigrants form the largest groups of employees. Their origins can be further broken down by Mexican states and Polish provinces. Of the 32 Mexican states, our employees come from eight states and Mexico City. More employees come from Guanajuato than any other state. The numbers in red on the map show the number of employees who were born in that state.

Poland is divided into 16 provinces. Employees come from eight provinces, with the largest number from the same area as Joe Dudek, Małopolska. The numbers in white on the map show the number of employees who were born in that province.

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