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KHC DUDEK & Bock, LLC. – Woodstock, IL. U.S.A.

In late 2011 Dudek & Bock (D & B) Acquired KHC Corporation (Woodstock, IL) a subsidiary of Keihin Hatsujyo Co. (Yokosuka, Japan).

KHC manufacturers premium spring components utilizing Japanese materials and production machinery. (Compression, extension, torsion springs, spiral rods, flat shape, memory alloy springs.)

Markets are US based Japanese auto manufacturers and KHJ’s Japan customers. The strength of the yen has increased the demand for KHC products, both here and in Japan.

Dudek & Bock’s acquisition of KHC Corp. maximized KHC’s capabilities. Bringing to the table access to a full spectrum of knowledge, technical and engineering know-how and manufacturing capabilities.

We believe that customer value will be maximized through the harnessing and leveraging of the combined efforts and abilities of both Dudek & Bock and Keihin Hatsujyo.

Overall, both Dudek & Bock and Keihin Hatsujyo are highly confident that this strategic alliance agreement, and the complementary features associated with it, will result in greater combined ability to better serve and provide value to our mutual customers.



Now through a Strategic Licensing Agreement with Kimura Machinery Co., Ltd. of Kawaguchi, Japan. KHC will expand its’ operations to offer Kimura’s High Quality Specialized Spiral Springs.

What makes Kimura’s springs so unique? To have complete control over their manufacturing operations they design and build their own patented spring manufacturing machines and inspection equipment.

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