Organizational Change 2-23-2023

February 23, 2023

Dear Dudek & Bock Team,

Since COVID, the Chicago plant has faced severe external challenges such as raw material shortages, ever-changing customer forecasts, and high inflation. The management had to spend most time responding to the challenges and, as a result, postponed improvement initiatives. As a result, the pace of improvement slowed down and inventory went up too high. Now, as we have figured out how to handle the external challenges, we need to refocus on the plant’s performance improvement. Accordingly, the following changes are made effective immediately.

The Night Shift Supervisor position is eliminated and a lead person (team coordinator) will be identified with redefined responsibility on 2nd Shift. Juliano Oei, who has held the position for the past several years, will work primarily during day shift to manage improvement projects. Juliano will report to me. Before joining Dudek & Bock, Juliano worked on various functions at GE on medical devices and at Precision Plating Company. I expect his broad expertise will help the plant to strengthen our weaknesses, such as outside service and inventory control.

A Deputy Plant Manager position is created, to be a member of the management team. Angel Barriera, the lead (team coordinator) of CNC area, fills the position. Angel will report to me and Jerzy Siwek. For years, Angel has persistently proposed innovative ideas and pushed the management for improvement. He has played an important role in boosting performance in CNC so business could grow. I expect him to lead the plant to a higher level of performance.

There will be a transition period as Angel and Juliano gradually hand over certain current responsibilities and pick up new ones. There will be continual communication of changes for affected functions as the transition proceeds. In the interim, continue to do what you have been doing unless you are directed otherwise by your supervisor, and don’t create disconnects. In addition, continue to come up with your ideas that could make this plant better. Contact me directly if you have questions.

Jim Zhao

Organizational changes

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