What is a Blackout Period?

What does is mean if your 401(k) funds are in "black out? Blackout Period Facts

Your Retirement Journey

Please see information from ADP: Your Retirement Journey

Message from John Dudek

Dear Dudek & Bock Team, The Board is currently interviewing candidates to take Jim’s place as President of Dudek & Bock. Jim’s last official day will be September 15, but he will be working remotely for the next two weeks. In Jim’s absence, and until a successor is...

Important Safety Notice

Yesterday, a person entered our back parking lot who is not an employee. The vehicle entered by following another car in at the shift change. The person was driving erratically and blocking employees' cars when they were trying to leave. This person may have been...

News and Events

“Our mission is to achieve superior customer satisfaction by integrating quality, responsiveness, technology, and value through innovation, continuous improvement, and teamwork.”

Review of Company Rules

Due to some recent incidents we would like all employees to review the following rules: Punch out for Lunch: If you leave the premises at lunch, which includes walking to pick up something to eat, or exiting through the company gate, you must punch out when you leave...

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Wellness Discount for 2023 Health Insurance

This year the criteria for a wellness discount is a visit to your primary care physician. If covered by Dudek & Bock insurance, your spouse will also receive a discount. $10 per pay period for an employee, plus $10 per pay period for your husband or wife. Download a...

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Eyemed Discounts

For employees with the Eyemed vision plan, there are several sales available now: Target Optical® Up to $50 off 1st complete pair or up to $150 off an annual supply of contact lenses and 40% off additional complete pairs of glasses. Offer expires 6/30/22....

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Trade Shows

Trade shows are a source of new business for exhibitors. For the past couple of years, due to COVID, there have been few opportunities to attend trade shows. Michael Dudek is currently at the Del Mar show, one of the largest shows west of the Mississippi with several...

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Fabtech Mexico

Chicago Dudek & Bock employees Michael Williams and Elizabeth Duff are in Monterrey, Mexico, at the Fabtech Trade Show. According to the Fabtech website, the show "provides a convenient ‘one-stop shop’ venue where you can meet with world-class suppliers, see the...

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40+ Year Employees

Congratulations to our employees who have been with Dudek & Bock for 40 years or more! Ross Andrews Audi Arunrung Manop Arunrung Tom Arunrung Aniela Bloniarz Richard Bukowski Beata Dynia Jesus Granados Wladyslaw Komperda Raul Morales Stanislaw Niznik (highest...

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Consumer Coverage Disclosure

The Illinois Consumer Coverage Disclosure Act requires Illinois employers to provide information comparing the essential health benefits offered on the Illinois individual marketplace ("the Benchmark Plan") with the benefits provided by the employer's health plan(s)....

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Aid to Ukrainian Refugees in Poland

Retired Dudek & Bock employee Anna Vojik left Sunday, March 27, for Poland. She received donations for Ukrainian Refugees in Poland from many organizations, friends, and family. She will make sure the funds are distributed in Poland, directly to those who need it. It...

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Help for Ukraine

Some employees have been wondering how to provide assistance to Ukraine. Our own Bohdan Smolyak, of the Punch Press Department, is from Ukraine. He has worked for Dudek & Bock for twelve years. His mother and other relatives are in Ukraine. The National Bank of...

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