This morning we were informed by a first shift employee that he has tested positive for COVID-19. Per company policy, the employee has not come to work today and will not come to work until he has tested negative.  He feels fine and has no symptoms. We appreciate his approval for revealing his name to protect fellow employees. Last Friday was the last time he worked in the plant.

In the plant, this employee had limited activities in a small area near his position in last two weeks and didn’t socialize much. The few employees he had close contact with in past 14 days have been notified and have left the plant. They will be tested.

If you believe you have been in close contact with this employee in past 14 days, please alert HR or your supervisor with specifics of your exposure.

We are committed to providing as safe a working environment as possible for all of our employees. If virus was left on any objects in the plant, it should have died out over the weekend. Still, today we are not allowing other employees to work where the affected employee worked last week. Further, we have arranged for the plant to be professionally disinfected after the first shift today.

There is no second shift today. The plant will reopen tomorrow.

Employees who are at the plant today will receive additional $25 beyond the regular bonus.

Please contact Nancy Hopkins at 773-466-3121 if you have any questions or concerns.

For more information about COVID-19, please visit the CDC website at:

For the location of testing facilities, see

The closest testing facility to Dudek & Bock is Loretto Hospital. No appointment is needed, and no doctor referral is necessary, but their testing capacity is limited, so please call first: 773-854-5475. You may want to call your personal physician for recommendations for testing, or if you want to go to a testing facility that requires a doctor’s order.

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