We apologize for the rocky transition to our new medical insurer, Blue Cross Blue Shield. Some good news is that employees are beginning to receive insurance cards in the mail.  If you need a temporary card before them, please contact Nancy.

For the PPO:  You should receive multiple cards if more than one person in your family is covered.  The cards, however, will only show the “subscriber’s” name;  in other words, the Dudek & Bock employee.  The spouse and/or children will have their own card, but it will not have their names on it.  If you need more cards than you receive, please call the Customer Service number on the back of the card.

For the HMO:  BCBS could not explain why so many employees were receiving letters saying they had not selected a primary care doctor.  For BCBS the key number is what they call the Site # or IPA # (Independent Practice Association.  This is a 3-digit number that will be printed on your card.  When you receive the card please confirm that the number on the card corresponds to the doctor’s office you have chosen.  You can call the doctor’s office if you are unsure.  If you or someone in your family is not able to do that, please ask Nancy for help.  As long as the Site # is correct, you work with that office to have you assigned to the correct doctor in that group.

The bottom line is that the letters many of you received were sent in error, and probably everything is OK.  If you have any problems, please see Nancy.  Remember that you can change your primary care doctor at any time, but don’t wait until right before you have an appointment.

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