You can receive a discount on medical insurance if you (and your spouse if he/she is under our insurance) have been vaccinated against COVID-19. That is the only criterion for the wellness discount this year. The discount is $10 per pay period for the employee and $10 for the spouse: a annual total of $260 for employee only or $520 for both.

If you have not been vaccinated, you have until Friday, December 10, to provide HR with your vaccination card. If this is the first of a 2-dose vaccine, we will give you the wellness discount with the expectation that you will return in January with the card showing that you are fully vaccinated. If you do not become fully vaccinated, the wellness discount will be removed.

Most of our employees have been vaccinated (all but 21). If you want the discount for your husband or wife you have until December 10 to bring the vaccination card to HR.

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