Anniversary Celebration Finale on Friday

We hope you have enjoyed our week-long celebration of Dudek & Bock’s 75th anniversary. The Dudek family is sincerely grateful to every employee. On September 17 each employee will receive a token of appreciation. Also, at 2:30, we will have a final drawing for FIVE $500 cash prizes.

Winners from September 16

Congratulations to:
Danuta Kowalski – Fruit/nut/cheese tray
Stan Kaplon – Gift basket
Daniel Farradaz – $50 Amazon
Marcos Zuniga, Jr. – $50 Home Depot
Rosalinda Silva – Gift basket
Ted Stryczula – Fruit/nut/cheese tray
Beata Ignaciuk – $50 Amazon
Rafael Murillo – $50 Home Depot
Terrence Wilson – $50 Amazon

Anniversary Quiz

The company quiz is now closed. 59 employees took the quiz. 23 answered all questions correctly. The first 10 to answer all correctly win a prize. They are, in order of completion:

Angel Barriera
Martin Solis
Punnee Wongwinijsorn
Zak Lenczowski
Trang Le
Alejo Martinez
Kasey Kowalski
Alberto Sanchez
Victor Zuniga
Georgina Zuniga

Also answering all questions correctly, but not the first 10 were:

Jennifer Perry
Teresa Pedzimaz
Cesar Fuentes
Roberto Yepez
John Wong
Eliseo Topete
Marcos Zuniga
Bohdan Smolyak
Jan Wojtaszek
Homero Reyes
Vee Arunrung
Jose Soto
Maciej Rychtarczyk

Winners from September 15

Winners of today’s prizes were:

Ross Andrews – $25 Applebee’s
Vee Arunrung – $25 Lou Malnati
Rafaela Avila – $50 Olive Garden group
Alvaro Barberi – $20 Panera
Tony Diaz – $50 Red Lobster
Yolanda Granados – $25 Applebee’s
Jozef Janik – $25 Buffalo Wild Wings
Radoslaw Kowalczyk – $25 Buffalo Wild Wings
Lukasz Lewkowicz – $20 Panera
Maria Martinez – $20 Panera
Meaghan Mathews – $25 Lou Malnati’s
Teresa Pedzimaz – $50 Red Lobster
Jennifer Perry – $20 Panera
Homero Reyes – $25 Target
John Szafran – $50 Olive Garden group

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