Open Enrollment has been pushed back later in the month than we anticipated, partly due to COVID-19 complications, and partly because the initial quotes from insurance companies came back with higher rates than we were willing to accept. After significant negotiations, the cost of medical insurance and vision insurance will be exactly the same as last year. The dental insurance cost is increasing slightly (around $2/pay period, depending what coverage you have). We will have the same carriers and plans.

Any employee who is keeping exactly the same insurance, can be automatically enrolled, which will be easy. If you want to add or delete coverage, change the type of coverage (PPO to HMO, or vice versa), change your primary care physician (HMO only), or if you enroll in voluntary life, you will need to go through the computer-based enrollment.

The benefit books will be available next week, in English and in Spanish. In the meantime, for Union employees, you can review the books online.

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