Consumer Coverage Disclosure

The Illinois Consumer Coverage Disclosure Act requires Illinois employers to provide information comparing the essential health benefits offered on the Illinois individual marketplace (“the Benchmark Plan”) with the benefits provided by the employer’s health plan(s). Employer health plans are not required to offer identical coverage. The employer is just required to notify employees how their plans compare to the Benchmark.

Information about each of the plans offered by Dudek & Bock can be found at:
Core PPO
Choice Plus PPO.xls

Aid to Ukrainian Refugees in Poland

Retired Dudek & Bock employee Anna Vojik left Sunday, March 27, for Poland. She received donations for Ukrainian Refugees in Poland from many organizations, friends, and family. She will make sure the funds are distributed in Poland, directly to those who need it. It will not be funneled through a government or church group. We wish her the best.

Help for Ukraine

Some employees have been wondering how to provide assistance to Ukraine. Our own Bohdan Smolyak, of the Punch Press Department, is from Ukraine. He has worked for Dudek & Bock for twelve years. His mother and other relatives are in Ukraine.

The National Bank of Ukraine has opened special accounts for donations to the Ukrainian Army and for donations for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Donations are accepted by credit card or bank transfer, but please be aware that there may be foreign transaction fees or wire transfer fees taken from your donation. Alternatively, funds can be given to Bohdan to be aggregated and made in a single donation, which would reduce the percent taken out in fees.

There are also many organizations providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine, such as the International Red Cross and World Central Kitchen, as well as churches and other NGOs.

Tax Scams

With tax season approaching, we are seeing more reports of scammers posing as the IRS – by phone, by e-mail and by text message.
The IRS doesn’t use text messages, e-mail or phone to discuss personal tax issues, bills or refunds! The agency only uses IRS Secure Access. If the IRS needs personal info, they will initiate most contact through regular US Postal Service hand-delivered “snail mail.”

Never click on links or open attachments that are unsolicited text messages from any local, state or federal tax agency.
If, however, you do receive unsolicited email or text that looks like it’s from the IRS or a program linked to the IRS, it’s fraud and you should report it. Send a screenshot of a text, or a copy of the email as an attachment to You can go to for more information

Phone scammers often leave a message that says the taxpayer will be arrested if they don’t call back. These clever thieves can also make it appear that they’re calling from the IRS office or other local law enforcement office, or anywhere in the U.S.

If you get one of these calls, never, ever give out personal or financial info via the phone and hang up immediately.
Important facts to know about the IRS. The agency will never:
• ask for a payment via the phone and does not use prepaid debit cards, gift cards or wire transfers for tax payments
• bring in local law enforcement to arrest a taxpayer
• demand payment without giving taxpayers the chance to question or appeal, and
• request credit or debit card info via the phone.

If you do owe the IRS, you will get a bill in the mail requesting payment be made by check to “U.S. Treasury” and no one else. The IRS doesn’t use third parties.

OTC COVID Test Paid by Insurance

You can now get over-the-counter COVID tests through UHC insurance. If you purchase them at a Walmart Pharmacy they will bill insurance directly. You can buy them other places, but you would need to file a claim for reimbursement. More information: OTC COVID tests.

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